MANA Young Investigator Award

MANA Young Investigator Award

Deadline: September 15, 2019

MANA is excited to present this new award that comes with a center-stage presentation slot!  We are looking to provide a platform for our most outstanding Early Career Members to present their work in a single-track plenary environment. The MANA Young Investigator will give an oral presentation (longer than regular presentations but not quite plenary length) on Saturday evening, just before the Lightning Round presentations and then the poster session.

The MANA Young Investigator Award is a competitive award for the most accomplished Early Career Members.  We encourage members whose work has exhibited exceptional novelty or has pushed the boundaries of metabolomics, or whose early career efforts have resulted in sustained, substantial, and noteworthy contributions to the field, to apply for the MANA Young Investigator Award.  This award is open to all Early Career Members (defined as being within ten years of their most recent degree).

Applicants can upload their package via the registration portal. The application package consists of a single PDF file containing:

1) a CV (you may use an NIH or NSF format as a basis for your CV), making sure to include a complete listing of all of your publications. 

2) A two-page (maximum) summary of your scientific accomplishments as an early-career member.