At MANA 2019, we are allocating time within the session schedule for special interest groups and others to gather for workshops or working group meetings, on Saturday November 16th, 11:10 AM-12:30 PM.

These "workshops" are truly meant for "work" - to help to shape the course of the field of metabolomics. We hope that by building this time in as an integral part of the schedule we will help to engage the leaders of different metabolomics subdisciplines and research foci on the big problems in their fields. There will be multiple parallel meetings taking different forms (roundtable discussion, roadmapping, etc.) as needed for different focus areas. Please joining us in working to move the field of metabolomics forward in North America!

Below are some representative currently planned sessions; If you have suggestions for workshop topics or would like to be involved in organizing a workshop please contact us at  There are also possibilities for additional workshops or satellite meetings before or after the conference; again, please contact if you are interested.


Career Development Workshop

This will be a workshop designed by, organized by, run by, and tailored to the early-career members of MANA (less than 10 years past their last degree). Its topics will be decided based on input from early-career members; if you would like to suggest topics to be covered or would like to help organize this workshop, please contact us at

Compound ID Workshop

Identification of unknown compounds is a grand challenge in metabolomics, and recent support from the United States NIH aims to help advance this critically important research area. This workshop will involve leadership of some of those NIH-funded core facilities as well as any other scientists interested in helping to tackle the challenge of compound identification.

Lipidomics Workshop

While there are many scientific and technical aspects that lipidomics and metabolomics share, there are also some key differences that make lipidomics a unique discipline with some of its own unique needs. This workshop will be a forum for lipidomics researchers to identify and discuss those needs and the best ways forward in addressing them.

SODA (Software and Data) Exchange Workshop

The MANA software group is putting together SODA: a Software and Data Exchange resource.  Our goal is to provide a community-driven list of currently maintained software and test datasets used for software bench-marking.  This resource will help researchers new to metabolomics and experts alike.  This workshop will present current SODA efforts, and will include ample time for discussion and input from the community to further drive this effort forward.  BYOS (Bring Your Own Software)!